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Add a mileage rate

From the Expenses and mileage rates option within Administration we can view and edit current rates and enter new rates.

Using the Date range, category and organisation menus.

The list displayed, sorted by policy and vehicle category and lists all possible vehicle categories that can have rates set against them and also allows for different rates to be entered based on number of miles accumulated. Click on the Edit rate change points link to edit the details, or to enter new details.

Available mileage rates

On clicking on the link to enter the detail of the category any current information will be displayed.

The distance fields show the number of miles for which the rate applies. Miles are stored against the claimant and once the upper limit is reached the mileage rate will change to the next in the rate for the following range.

The lower section shows the business rate and VAT amount per mile and the VAT rate setup in the system as a drop down purely for coding purposes.

Edit a mileage rate

If personal miles are to be reclaimed the rate of reclaim can be entered in the personal rate field. If this is not in use just enter a 0 in this field, the personal miles section links to the odometer set up as well.

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